Sébastien Hély, proprietor of Boucherie Agricole, is passionate about perpetuating his butcher business know-how and product and service quality excellence. 

"We value the spirit of traditional butchery, keeping it alive and well. Our aim is to satisfy our top clientele through strict compliance with health and veterinary standards."

  • agneau des alpilles boucherie agricole cannes

    Our lamb comes from France, the Alpilles mountain range to be precise, in north-west Bouches-du-Rhône.
    Born from young ewes weighing 15 to 18 kilos, light, « marbled », slaughtered at less than six months old, with a maturation period from 8 to 10 days, Alpilles lamb meat is light in appearance and is sweet-tasting, reminiscent of the flavours of « Provence » (neither too fatty, nor too lean).

  • boeuf boucherie agricole cannes

    Our Simmental beef is an ancient breed from Bavaria. Its main characteristic is a naturally marbled meat grain which is mainly achieved through a food supplement based on hops, the raw material in the beer-making process.  Our partnership with three abattoirs in Germany has lasted over 30 years. It guarantees regular quality in terms of carcass selection (+ 90% heifers). Animals reach a weight of approximately 400 to 450 kilos, are meaty, with plump thighs and full sirloin. A natural carcass fat known as « wax » guarantees good meat marbling. A maturation period is indispensable. A period of 16 to 21 days is necessary for optimal meat taste and tenderness.  All of the above points are fundamental to our trade. They need to be respected to enhance the organoleptic qualities of our meats.

  • charcuterie iberique boucherie agricole cannes

    Namely: Iberian Bellota ham fat (contrary to popular belief) is a good fat with similar properties to olive oil: rich in oleic acid (mono-saturated fatty acid) and also other healthy fats due to its high omega 3 concentration. Iberian ham is actually a healthy product which reduces cholesterol levels!
    PATA NEGRA HAM: Iberian charcuterie superstar, matured for between 36 and 48 months, its distinctive taste ends on a hazelnut note, characteristic of the Bellota.
    CHORIZO: Iberian charcuterie staple made from lean meat and a few choice cuts mixed with spices and condiments. It comes in mild or spicier varieties.
    LOMO: boned loin with the fat trimmed off which has been matured for approximately 6 months. Lomo, or back, is the leanest part of the Iberian pig, but delicious nonetheless.

  • charcuterie boucherie agricole cannes

    We also sell a wide selection of charcuterie products: Cooked ham, San Daniel prosciutto, rosette, Teissiers saucisson, farmhouse pâté, pâté en croute, frankfurters, Morteau dry sausage, salted belly, smoked belly, chipolatas, merguez spicy North African sausage, pork brawn, boudin white sausage, etc.

  • porc francais boucherie agricole cannes

    Our pork from Central France comes from pigs that are well fed and averagely fattened. They are reared outdoors.
    Selected pigs weigh approximately 125 kg. Perfect meat is achieved after a maturation period of 8 to 10 days.

  • porc boucherie agricole cannes

    Iberian pigs are characterised by their black or tan coats and black hooves. They are fed on a cereal mix whose main ingredient is barley. They are reared in Andalusia and Estremadura, areas with the greatest concentration of Bellota (acorn) oaks.  Pigs are only taken to immense pastures known as «les dehesas» where the Bellota oaks grow 4 to 6 months before they are slaughtered. They then feed on 10kg of Bellotas a day and put on approximately one kilo in weight. It takes approximately 2 hectares of land per pig to rear quality pork.
    We sell:
    PLUMA (END LOIN): Iberian fresh meat superstar, a small feather-shaped cut half-way between the back and the shoulder. Its taste and melting texture are exceptional.
    PRESA (SHOULDER): the most veined cut on the pig and one of the tenderest. It is important to cut thick slices lengthwise then pan fry.
    CARRE PREMIUM (PREMIUM RACK): stringently selected in the abattoir. Hand-selected 8-rib rack pork joints are then trimmed keeping only the best. An explosion in the mouth, a great taste sensation.

  • veau boucherie agricole cannes

    Our veal comes from two abattoirs in south west France, partners from the outset, which have forged their reputation over several generations.
    Raised and slaughtered in France, veal from the south west comes from females weighing approximately 150 kilos, less than 8 months old and is « marbled », i.e. the carcasses have sufficient natural fat to make them tasty. A maturation period of 10 to 12 days brings out the white appearance of the meat and its unrivalled tenderness.

  • volaille boucherie agricole cannes

    We sell a wide range of poultry: Red Label yellow farm-reared « old fashioned chicken », Bresse chicken, Muscovy duckling, quails, Poitou pigeon, farm-reared guinea fowl, broiler hens, chicken fillet, turkey fillet, fresh duck breast, smoked duck breast, rabbit, chicken thighs, etc.

  • Alpilles Mountain lamb
  • Simmental beef
  • Iberian charcuterie
  • French charcuterie
  • French pork
  • Iberian pork
  • Veal from South-West France
  • Poultry


Boucherie Agricole was founded in 1910. It is located on Forville market just off La Croisette promenade in the historic heart of Cannes.

Over the past thirty years it has risen meteorically under Moïse Constantin to the rank of "gastronomic gold standard".  Today it is directed by his son-in-law Sébastien Hély, the driving force in achieving its renown over the past fifteen years. 
Sébastien, supported by his wife Nathalie, places the emphasis on excellence, offering top local produce and prime cuts of meat.

Supported by their skilled team, they perpetuate the establishment’s know-how, product and service standards and comply stringently with health and veterinary norms in the spirit of traditional butchery.


Boucherie Agricole has a strong Retail business offering its client base in Cannes and the surrounding areas a rich selection of prime products. 

The spirit of Boucherie Agricole is best summed up by its dynamic team, friendly welcome and service with a smile! It is open from 7am to 12.30pm and from 4pm to 6.30pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturday and from 7am to 12.30pm on Wednesdays and Sundays. 
"House" specialities based on selected products which vary according to season are available throughout the year offering our clientele simple yet refined meal ideas.
are available for private customers at home or workplace but need to be booked 24 hours in advance.
An Artisan Butcher at your service!


Boucherie Agricole, Supplier to Grand Hotels, Restaurants & local government 
Wholesale – Retail wholesale – Retail – Local government - Import - Export

Boucherie Agricole boasts European certification and a modern carving laboratory. It focuses on strict compliance with quality and hygiene norms, charters. It offers a high class service tailored to the restaurant trade. The establishment doesn’t leave anything to chance. It has a single objective, offering prime meat which respects traditions and service: QUALITY.

80% of its clientele are chefs in private or state establishments including the great Chefs of the French Riviera who count on Boucherie Agricole as their top supplier and quality reference in terms of gastronomy. 
Brasseries, beaches, hotels plus award-winning restaurants, grand hotels and boat suppliers are among the establishment’s clients that use its trade order and delivery service.


A team of 14 company employees work alongside Sébastien and Nathalie Hély on a daily basis to providing clients with quality service based on a warm welcome, listening to their needs, professionalism and a job well done, helpfulness and a smile.


Daily stringent product selection is performed by Sébastien Hély in person. 
Meat is selected based on specific criteria, by provenance. Carcasses are then delivered to the butcher’s shop. Once there they follow a tried and tested process. The carcasses are hung for several weeks in a cold store at controlled temperature and hydrometry, in the finest butchery tradition, a process known as maturation. 

The preparation and packaging work by our qualified butchers delivers matured meat with exceptional tenderness and incomparable flavours. Our respect for the traditions of the trade makes all the difference and is key to selling meat with unrivalled flavour, fine meat marbling and that perfect balance between fibres and fats.


Boucherie Agricole recently added a 400 m2 carving room which uses top high-tech materials and equipment to meet client demand and comply with new health and veterinary norms. This state-of-the-art food hygiene facility, inaugurated in 2009, has been awarded a European certificate confirming that the Establishment complies with numerous norms and quality charters. It positions the butcher as leader in its trade.


Boucherie Agricole adopts a proactive, preventative approach to Food Safety compliance. 
We attach great importance to quality, traceability and hygiene. Our establishment is regularly inspected by consultants BVC Expertise and a microbiological laboratory.
Proof of our commitment, Boucherie Agricole has held a European certificate since 2008 and is a member of the Association pour la Sécurité Alimentaire en Restauration (ASAR – French Food Hygiene for the Restaurant Trade Association).
In 2009, the ASAR awarded Boucherie Agricole a plaque certifying the butcher’s highly commended level of compliance in terms of Food Safety norms. Renewed annually, our certification is our quality and safety guarantee that clients can trust.